A small business serving small businesses. Because we know your small business is everything to you.

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Sand Dragon Media launched in 2018 by husband and wife team, Paul & Lidia Corey.  After launching several successful small businesses, Paul & Lidia felt a passion for helping small businesses grow.  With creative ideas, relentless dedication, and unparalleled expertise, Paul & Lidia essentially become your remote marketing team.

Since the beginning, I knew Paul & Lidia at Sand Dragon Media were different. They really took the time to understand our business model- they wanted to know all the ins and outs. They took our business to new heights and we proudly refer them to everyone we know.
George B.
Small Business Owner

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What We Do

We've Got You Covered

At this very moment, customers are looking for your business. You offer a solution to a problem they are trying to solve. How will you funnel that traffic to your online presence, leading to a direct return on your investment? We know how.
Social Media

We keep your social media presence fresh, engaging, and, most importantly, valuable. Your audience needs a compelling reason why they should follow you, and we work hard to give it to them.

Marketing & Advertising

Online marketing allows you to reach thousands of targeted consumers with trackable metrics. No more wasting money on mass mailers only to miss your target audience. Low cost per click (CPC) advertising stretches your dollar to bring you the highest ROI.

Web Design & SEO

Your website is your virtual storefront. Potential clients should be able to learn about your business, your mission, and what makes you the best choice for them. All our websites are designed with accessibility and search engine optimization (SEO) embedded into each and every element.